Carnie's Comments


It's Twitter Tuesday!  I find the best of the week once a week!

Let's start with this young mom who shares, "I just burned 1000 calories by attempting to get one good Christmas card photo with a gassy newborn, feral toddler, reluctant husband and a giant Rottweiler."

Another mom Tweets, "My kid told me he had a "weird day" at school because they had a sub who just let them watch a movie all afternoon and I'm trying to explain to him that he hit the jackpot."

Here's a dad who says, "Packing your kid's lunch is just sending the fruit in your fridge on a field trip for the day."

Some advice for parents and grandparents here, "Stop asking kids what they want to be when they grow up.  Nobody knows what they're going to be until they're 47."

I like this, "The first thing I do in the 10 items or less line is count the items of the person in front of me.

And one more, "I hate hotel thick and fluffy, I can't even close my suitcase."