Carnie's Comments


Time for Twitter Tuesday!  I find the best just for you.

Tweets like this one from a guy who says, "My New Year's resolution is for my body to make less sound when I stand up."

On a related note, "I don't know why everyone's so excited.  I've been writing 2023 for most of 2022."

This one, "Guess who's actually going to follow through with their New Year's resolution?  Not me, but congratulations to whoever you are!"

I like this one, "My friend recently got divorced from his wife.  They decided to split the house.  He got the outside."

Here's a question, "What do rocket scientists say when a co-worker makes a simple mistake?"

This Tweet, "Yesterday my son watched me pour fabric softener into the washing machine and said, 'Laundry milk, daddy'.  And I stood there and was like, 'That is adorable', because he's right.  It is laundry milk.  My son is 36 years-old.  Please, someone get him a job."

And, one more you might relate to today, "I just need 8 to 12 hours of alone time in the mornings and then I'm recharged and ready to tackle the day."