Carnie's Comments


Time for Twitter Tuesday!  I toil all week long to find the best from the Twitterati.

Tweets like this one, "I got a new reversible jacket.  I can't wait to see how it turns out."

And this one, "Apparently the dude at the mall was just tying his shoe and did NOT want to play leap frog.  My bad, dude.  My bad."

A question, "How soon is too soon to ask someone if they're going to eat their pickle when you're out to lunch?  Have we as a society determined this yet?  I need a pickle etiquette expert."

Here's a lady who shares, "My husband put the dishes away.  If you have any information about their whereabouts we are deeply concerned for their safety at this time."

Another married gal Tweets, "My husband is in the phase where he says "Okie doke" when he talks on the phone...and it's driving me crazy."

Here's a married man who says, "My wife and I wanted to go to a movie but it doesn't start until 5:30 so we'll try another day when we won't be out all night."