Carnie's Comments


Time for Twitter Tuesday!

We'll start with this Tweet, "I was in a band once called Closed for Renovations. Unfortunately nobody ever showed up when we played."

Here's a funny mom I follow who shares, "Alexa doesn't hear when I ask her a direct question but hears me mumble from across the room so I can only assume she's related to my husband."

A local funny gal I follow says, "Feeling like an absolute icon. My signal light matched the signal light in front of me."

This guy Tweets, "My family's version of succession is me and my sister fighting over who gets grandma's Precious Moments figurines."

I like this one, "It's my wife's birthday today and I decided to make sure she woke up with a big smile on her face.  Long story short, I'm not allowed to have Sharpies in the house anymore."

And this one from a woman who Tweets, "If I get an outdated out-of-office reply from a client I immediately go full Harriet the Spy mode.  Returning to the office September 5th, 2022?  Did they die on vacation?  Are they being held captive?  Don't worry, Janice, I'm on my way!"

Y'er welcome.