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It's time for Twitter Tuesday!  I find the best from the best of the Twitterati.

We'll start with a question, "Why is being awake so expensive?"

Here's a dad who shares, "One of the toughest parts about being a parent is having to stay awake until 11pm to pick them up from an event."

Here's a mom who Tweets, "I need something stronger than sleep but less than a coma."

This one, "I thought it would be fun to teach my dog to open the fridge and get us a beer until I realized he was also able to get himself lasagna."

Here's a funny fella who says, "You reach the age when mandatory bed rest sounds awesome."

I like this one, "Scientists say they can recreate living dinosaurs within five years. Dude, there are literally four movies showing us why this is a bad idea."

And, one more from a guy who Tweets, "I heard a guy call a corn dog a meat Twinkie. I may never go back to calling them corn dogs again."