Carnie's Comments


It's time for Twitter Tuesday! I find the best from the best on X, the social media platform most of us still call Twitter.

This guy says, "I never knew I'd be the kind of person who'd wake up early and exercise...and I was right."

Here's a gal who Tweets, "Marriage has its pros and cons. On one hand you get to wear a cool ring but on the other hand, you don't."

I like this, "Irony is the opposite of wrinkly."

A friend posting this, "I can't believe Halloween was 10 pounds ago."

If you've been shopping recently, you'll get this, "If you love Christmas music you've probably never worked retail during the holidays."

A funny girl I follow says, "Any reasonably attractive young lady will eventually find herself starring in a Hallmark holiday movie. It's like the draft."

This one, "The 80s were a different time. You either ate gluten or you starved to death."

And one more from an aging fella who shares, "In my 20s I wanted a cool car. In my 30s I wanted a good job. Today I just want mashed potatoes."


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