Carnie's Comments


I met someone from India last week. She lives and works in Saskatchewan now. She's been here for about a year. I asked her how she liked her first Canadian winter.

She said, "It wasn't too bad but I understand it can be much worse."

I laughed. She didn't.

The fact is, we had an average winter. It wasn't too harsh but it sure did seem to linger, didn't it? We've all got stories.

I can remember, years ago, opening day of Little League was snowed out. That's right, a foot of snow fell on what was the 8th day of May.

I can also tell you about the snow that fell on June 2nd, 2011. There wasn't much but it was snow...and it was June 2nd and my friends were not happy because they were helping me move furniture from one house to another.

I told the newcomer from India about those occasions and the fact that the only month of the year in which snow has never been recorded in Saskatchewan is July.

She was wide-eyed and gob smacked. I think she may be frightened now.

I should have just kept my mouth shut.