Carnie's Comments


The numbers are in and it's my pleasure to share the good news with those of you who count on us for local news and information along with music and entertainment.  It's good news for those of us who work in the industry.

The headline in my weekly briefing from Broadcast Dialogue reads, "AM / FM Continues to be the Largest Source of Audio Listening for Canadians".

The article is about an update from Signal Hill Insights and Radio Connects. 

The survey got responses from over 3100 Canadians aged 18-plus.  It found "AM/FM's share of time spent with audio was at 39%" and, "With more workers returning to the office, out-of-home AM/FM tuning was up on smartphones" from 27% last spring to 32% in the fall.  Out-of-home AM/FM tuning was also up on personal computers with more people listening in their cars as well.  Radio accounts for 62% of audio listening for Canadian motorists.

What else are we listening to?  Well, 17% listen to music on YouTube while 14% prefer ad-free online music streaming services.  8% listen to their personal music, 7% listen to podcasts while Sirius XM gets about 4% of our audio time.

Decades ago, they said television would kill radio.  Then they said music videos and satellite services would do the same.  

Radio is still alive and well.

And, once again, thank YOU for listening.