Carnie's Comments

It'll take some time to come together but the plan is now in place to develop the area of our city where the old Valley View Centre is located.

Carpere, the development and investment company that has already made a difference in Moose Jaw, has grand plans for estate lots, residential lots, multi-family dwellings along with commercial and institutional buildings.

The vision includes a market square as the centrepiece with commercial retail included with a seasonal outdoor market as well as recreational and tourist attractions.

Alan Wallace of Wallace Insights, representing Carpere, told city council the hope is "that Valley View will become a regional destination, something that becomes well known within the province and especially within south-central Saskatchewan".

It's estimated this new development will eventually be home to about 1500 residents.

Existing infrastructure, the environment and accessibility have all been taken into consideration.

I think it's exciting.  

You can have a look at the plan and listen to the entire presentation on DiscoverMooseJaw today.