Carnie's Comments


It happened to me this morning.  It wasn't the first time and probably won't be the last.  Perhaps you've had a similar experience.

I was checking the cell phone as I enjoyed my first cup of coffee at 3:45 AM.  I went through some emails, checked the weather, checked the text messages and then found some action on Facebook Messenger.

It was a group message including a bunch of people who have all been invited to an event later this year in Moose Jaw.  The organizer wants decisions made now as the planning involves catering.

So, I committed with my plan to attend.  Done.

But that wasn't enough for me.  I had to see who else is coming.

I scrolled through the messages and found a name I didn't recognize.

So, I tap on his message to see what he's saying and, perhaps, find out more about him.

I must have tapped one too many times because suddenly, I realized I was calling him.  Literally calling him on 3:45 AM.

I think it only rang once before I canceled the call.  I hope I didn't wake the guy up.

If I did, I'm sorry, pal.  I'm still catching on to this technology thing.