Carnie's Comments


While Saskatchewan teachers and students enjoy the winter break this week, the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation is still hard at it.

They invited media to a news conference yesterday. We attended virtually. There's nothing new as far as I can tell. Reporters heard the rhetoric that came with the messaging we've all heard before.

Do you support the teachers? Most in Saskatchewan do.

The results from a recent Insightrix poll, released earlier this month, show 68% of respondents support the teachers with 15% on the government's side and 16% undecided.

And it's most interesting to note, when it comes to public support based on vote intent, 95% of those who plan to vote for the NDP in the next provincial election support the teachers while just 36% of Saskatchewan Party voters are on the teachers' side.

Also worth noting is the fact that 77% of undecided voters said they support the teachers.