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Are you working for a living? Do you enjoy your job? If you do, you're lucky. 

I'm looking at results today from a poll conducted earlier this year by recruitment specialist Robert Walters - Canada.

They found 67% of Canadian professionals "have admitted to rage applying to a new job since the beginning of the year - with a toxic work environment being the primary factor.

The 'rage applying' trend "occurs when people retaliate after a bad day at work by firing out multiple applications to new job roles".

The poll found a lack of work/life balance and unreasonable workloads are also major factors.

It's interesting to note, I ran into an old acquaintance a few days ago. She quit her full-time job and took a summer job where there's not a lot of pressure to perform with a more relaxed work environment.

She had no problem finding a job doing something she likes to do.

And, that's the key these days. You see, there are more jobs than available people across our country right now. 

The employee is in the driver's seat in Canada in 2024.