The clock tower shone red at City Hall last night in support of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Canada’s Red Ribbon Campaign.  

The campaign runs November 1st through January 1st, with the aim of encouraging Canadians to make sure they drive sober or have a sober ride during the holiday season.  

"The campaign is a nationwide effort that sees hundreds of volunteers distributing red ribbons and car deckles to attach to vehicles, keychains, backpacks, purses. The ribbons are small but powerful symbol for each wearer’s commitment to sober driving," said Destiny Schaffer, community leader for MADD in Moose Jaw.  

The lighting of the clock tower holds personal significance for Schaffer. “It means everything to me. My sister was killed in 2018 when she made the choice to get into a vehicle with an impaired driver. It cost her her life. And so my goal, and my hope, is to hopefully stop impaired driving so no one makes the same mistakes my sister Demi did.” 

Shaffer asks that you find a sober ride this holiday season and call emergency services if you think someone is driving while impaired.  

You can get a red ribbon for your vehicle and show your support by calling 1-800-665-6233 ext. 384 for the Moose Jaw Chapter of MADD or contact the national office at you want to make a $10 donation to Project Red Ribbon, you can text Ribbon to 45678.  

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Clock Tower 2Photo by Cory Knutt