The City of Moose Jaw issued 12 building permits in the month of March with project values of $961,259. 

There were five commercial permits issued worth $392,159 including the alteration and improvement of a primary industry building at 1109 Ominica St. E. worth $210,000. 

One industrial permit was issued in March for the City Complex at 1010 High St. W. worth $45,000. 

Six residential permits were issued worth $524,100 including a new construction at 984 Maplewood Dr. worth $372,000. 

There was one demolition permit issued. 

Compared to March of last year, the city issued one more permit with project values worth more at $778,959. 

In total this year, the city has issued 34 permits worth $3.4 million. This is $2.3 million more than last year and 14 more permits.