While the extreme cold temperatures we are experiencing can be dangerous for people, it can be dangerous for our pets as well. 

Dana Haukaas, executive director of the Moose Jaw Humane Society, said the shelter is seeing an increase in animals that have been left outside. 

Haukaas recommends that pet owners be mindful of open doors in their houses that could allow pets to sneak outside. 

She added that, during these extremely cold conditions, it might be best to stay indoors as it may be too cold to take your dog for a walk. 

“If you notice that your pet is starting to pick their legs up and they’re not keeping all four on the floor, it’s too cold for them to be outside,” said Haukaas. 

Haukaas said there are ways to keep your pets entertained while inside so that they don’t get bored. 

“If you have a hallway in your house, you can play fetch with your dog down the hallway,” said Haukaas.  

“It’s not just physical ways to drain your dog’s energy. You could do puzzle feeders. You don’t even have to buy anything. You could just wrap their food or treats in a towel. You can even crinkle the towel up, and knot it so that the dogs have to work harder to get that out. That exercises their brains, and it also drains their energy.” 

The good news is that temperatures are expected to warm up over the weekend and we can get back out walking our dogs.