Residents of the southwest are being advised about an influx of cockroach cases and infestations popping up throughout the province.

Communal facilities including schools and apartments have seen the most roach activity, raising concerns with many people.

Dr. David Torr, medical health officer for the Saskatchewan Health Authority, encourages community members to be aware and take action.

"We've started noticing increased calls to us regarding cockroach infestation and what folks should do," said Dr. Torr.

Roaches pick up bacteria from sewage pipes they go into and the contaminated or left-out food that they're attracted to.

"Having food left open is not a good thing," said Dr. Torr. "Cockroaches can actually even find their way into the refrigerator if the food is open."

These pests spread the bacteria they're carrying everywhere they go and can contaminate foods that will be eaten and cause infections.

"Cockroaches look for warm areas they can harbour in and cracks and crevices where they can hide because they prefer darkness," Dr. Torr noted.

The best precautions people can take include getting rid of mouldy or outdated food, cleaning up crumbs or food left out, throwing garbage containing food out quickly, keeping food containers clean, or placing glue traps.

Those who come across roaches in their home or facility are advised to call pest control as soon as possible, more resources are available on the Canadian government website.