15 Wing held a presentation on Wednesday afternoon that saw medals and awards handed out by 15 Wing Commander Col D.S. Coutts and 15 Wing CWO R.I. Fox. 

Cpl Jonathan Benson received the Lois Boyle Excellence in Community Service award, which acknowledges acts of service that reinforce the relationship between the communities of Moose Jaw and 15 Wing. Cpl Benson characterized the award as “very unexpected”.  

“I don’t know if I deserve this – there's a lot more people more deserving.” 

Cpl Benson volunteers with the Knights of Columbus and Moose Jaw Ski Club, and he helps with security at Moose Jaw Warriors games. “I like getting out there. It’s just what I do. I don’t think anything of it. It’s just like second nature, I guess.” 

He joined the military in 2017. Originally from Saskatoon, he moved to Moose Jaw in 2002, and it is his first and only posting so far with the Canadian Forces. This is his second year on the road team for the Snowbirds as the Lead Air Structures Technician. 

Joyce Walter, secretary-treasurer with the Friends of the Forces Fellowship, characterized Cpl Benson as being “very worthy” of the award. She said that they received six nominations, and a committee of 10 Friends of the Fellowship members determined who would receive the award at a regular meeting.  

The Friends of the Forces Fellowship also presented the Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) with a $7500 cheque for their programming. 

MFRC Receives ChequeL-R: Col D.S. Coutts, Kyla Peneycad, Joyce Walter, CWO R.I. Fox.

“Over the past 10 years, we’ve donated over $70,000 to programs at the MFRC. They’re part of the group that keeps the families getting the extra materials that they need, and the programs and assistance that they need. We’re really happy to be able to continue to support them,” said Walter. 

The Friends of the Forces Fellowship’s annual car show and Musical Revue are two major sources of funds they use to give grants to community organizations and initiatives.  

Kyla Peneycad, board secretary of the MFRC, said they appreciate the cheque, and part of the funds will be used to support The Hive at the MFRC. “It’s a place for young children or neurodivergent people to come and to get help. We have a social worker on staff that we just brought on.” 

Peneycad said the social worker, Nicole Hebert, bridges a gap for those children.  

Hebert said a portion of the funds will likely be used for a monthly learning opportunity with different speakers on neurodiversity, explaining that neurodiversity encompasses the different ways that people engage with one another. "We want it to go towards learning opportunities for families and growth.” 


The full list of medal and award recipients from the ceremony are as follows: 


Operational Service Medal (OSM) Expedition 

Capt McKay 


Special Service Medal (SSM) Expedition 

Capt Palosky 


Canadian Forces’ Decoration 

Maj Naqvi (CD2 – 32 years’ service) 

Maj Maki (CD1 –22 years’ service) 

Maj Timm (CD – 12 years’ service) 

Capt DeRuiter (CD – 12 years’ service) 

Capt Palosky (CD – 12 years’ service) 

Capt Plante (CD – 12 years’ service) 

Capt Powis-Clement (CD – 12 years’ service) 

Capt Ryan (CD – 12 years’ service) 

Sgt Christie (CD – 12 years’ service) 

MCpl Kaehler (CD – 12 years’ service) 


Queen Elizabeth the second Platinum Jubilee Medal (Saskatchewan) 

Maj Naqvi 

Mr. Robb Nesbitt 


Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) Individual Achievement Award 

Maj Myroniuk 


15 Wing Commander’s Commendation 

MCpl Stang 


15 Wing Flight Safety “For Professionalism Award” 

Mr. Clayton Haight 


The Lois Boyle Excellence in Community Service Award 

Cpl Benson