Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

There will be further discussions on the Moose Jaw MultiPlex in the coming weeks and maybe even months. Council has tabled their motion from two weeks ago to locate the multiplex at the current site of the Civic Centre and to only include a curling rink and hockey arena.

After a lengthy and often heated debate at Moose Jaw City Hall Monday night, Council decided more information was needed before a decision of this magnitude could be made on location for the project.

MultiPlex Builders Co-chair Ray Boughen criticized council members Monday night for their inability to commit to the project financially. "Anything that we've done, we've done with the good will of this community, the good will of trades people, and the good will of professional people in helping us build this facility. City Council ladies and gentlemen have not put a nickel on the table!"

After 2 hours of debate the motion was tabled for further discussions pending reports from administration. When it might come up again depends on how long those reports will take. Until then further discussions will be held on where the best site for the facility and what should be included.

When asked if the MultiPlex Builders would support a project built at the Civic Centre location, Co-chair Dr. Paul Beesley said it would depend. "If the Civic Centre site is the preferred site or is a deal breaker I guess it would depend on what's included. If its just a curling rink and a hockey rink I have trouble that the group that we've been working with would be interested in raising funds for that."

So in the end what does this all mean? Well, Council has not made a final decision on the project's location and things are now on hold. No final decision had been made on what is to be included but council is leaning towards the suggestions made in the Nustadia Report. That being a hockey arena with seating for 4500 fans and a curling rink attached.

The MultiPlex Builders are not happy with that idea since they are pushing for what they call a true "multiplex" to include an indoor soccer pitch and walking track along with the hockey arena and a curling rink.

In addition to tabling the motion for the Civic Centre location, Council officially accepted the petition that has been making its rounds in our community for the last few weeks.

The petition was officially received and will now be passed along to members of administration to prepare a report on whether or not the document is valid to force a public vote this fall on the multiplex during the civic election.

The 115-page petition had 3400 signatures.