A 21-year-old man will spend the next two years behind bars after taking a plea deal for his role in a machete attack that took place in downtown Moose Jaw last September. 

As part of the plea deal, Dillon Peeace pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of aggravated assault endangering the life of the victim instead of attempted murder. He also pleaded guilty to outstanding charges of breaking and entering and failing to attend court. 

The breaking and entering charge stems from an incident on May 2, 2023, at the Esso gas station on Manitoba Street. Dillon and his brother Kyle were in the store. Kyle told the staff his brother had a gun. The staff went behind the counter and pressed an alarm. 

The staff was then told not to call the police. Kyle was on the floor on his knees and told the staff to do the same because Dillon had a gun, according to the Crown. Dillon was arrested returning to the gas station an hour later and Kyle was located and arrested afterwards. 

Provincial Crown Prosecutor Rob Parker said the charges were originally laid as a robbery, but were downgraded because Dillon had done nothing to steal or attempt to steal. 

“It is not a situation where he tried to take items or take cigarettes or anything like that,” Parker told the court. 

Parker said Dillon had spent 253 actual days in custody and would be given credit for 380 days. The joint submission between the Crown and the defence was 380 days, or time served, for the break and enter and 30 days concurrent for failing to attend court. 

Then on Sept. 28, 2023, Moose Jaw Police Service received a report of an assault in progress at the corner of Main Street North and High Street. An injured man was found and Dillon and Kyle were arrested in the vicinity and arrested. 

The investigation show the Dillon and Kyle were seen speaking to staff members outside of Riverside Mission earlier that day. They went inside before leaving northbound through a parking lot. 

According to a statement for one of the staff members, the Peeace brothers asked if Riverside Mission was still serving supper. The staff member said they were intoxicated and were asked to leave. The staff member recalled Kyle having a backpack and carrying a scooter. 

Through security footage and witness and victim statements, the brothers heading north through parking lots and alleys and were acting aggressive. They ran into two people in a parking lot when a man was pushed against the wall by one of the brothers while the other was slashing him with a machete. According to the victim’s statement, the person brandishing the machete had a scooter. 

“Obviously, it is a concerning matter that generally seems like a random attack,” Parker said. 

Because the evidence couldn’t place Dillon as the one with the machete but did play a role in the attack, Parker said the Crown agreed to downgrade the attempted murder charge to aggravated assault. 

As part of the joint submission, the Crown and defence agreed to two years less a day in jail for the aggravated assault. 

Defence lawyer Andrew Hitchcock, attending on behalf of Dillon’s lawyer Brian Pfefferle, said it was an appropriate sentence considering Dillon did not have a past record 

“It is at the low end of the range but it is appropriate for someone without a record,” Hitchcock said. 

Judge Brian Hendrickson asked Dillon, who appeared via video from remand, if he had anything he’d like to add. Swiping tears from his eyes he said “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. That's all.” 

Hendrickson said he was going to follow the joint submission. He said the aggravating factors were that there were three offences and the break and enter and aggravated assault were troublesome. 

The judge did take into consideration the Dillon had no prior criminal record, made a guilty plea and took responsibility, felt Dillon was genuinely sorry for his actions and his personal circumstances. 

As part of his sentence, Dillon will also have to provide a DNA sample and will be subject to a 10-year firearm ban. 

The Crown ordered stays on charges of causing a disturbance and obstructing a peace officer as part of the plea deal. Parker asked for a release order for a second count of attempted murder. Parker said Pfefferle still had an obligation that needed to be fulfilled. The charge will be back in court on June 20 when a stay is expected to be ordered.