Professionals working with people with disabilities will be honoured by the Government of Saskatchewan, who has declared May 13 to 17, 2024 as ‘Disability Service Professionals Week’.  

This time will be used to recognize and celebrate the vital services and support provided to people living with disabilities.  

"I want to thank disability service professionals across Saskatchewan for the role they play in ensuring people with disabilities are supported to reach their potential and participate fully in their communities," Social Services Minister Gene Makowsky said.  

"Together, we are building a stronger and more inclusive Saskatchewan where everyone benefits from the many contributions people with disabilities make to our province."   

The recognition week was proclaimed in partnership with SARC, a provincial association comprising about 100 community organizations whose work helps people of all abilities reach their full potential. SARC has supported non-profit organizations with consultation, training, services, and leadership for over five decades. 

"Disability Service Professionals Week is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the large workforce of skilled professionals who work 24/7 to ensure services reflect the personal aspirations and complexity of needs of the people we support," SARC Executive Director Amy McNeil said.  

"Thousands of dedicated employees working throughout the province provide high quality, safe, and person-centred services to people experiencing disability, and this recognition demonstrates to these professionals they are appreciated and respected in their careers by the people of Saskatchewan." 

To learn more about the services and support provided by SARC member organizations, as well as the latest job opportunities, visit: