The East Side Community Association is looking for any residents that have the itch to give back and grow the east side of the community.  

They in conjunction with the City of Moose Jaw will be hosting an open house on June 6, at 6:30 p.m. at the Co-op Community Spray Park (9th Avenue Northeast & Ominica Street East) to allow eastside residents to learn more about the association and how they can get involved. 

“Whether it be sitting on the board with the East Side Community Association or being involved in projects that the community association is working on in their own community,” says Shelly Howe, City of Moose Jaw Recreation Services Supervisor. 

This need for new additions to the association comes after a few members that spearheaded the group had to step away leaving just a handful of volunteers left. 

“We have a couple of really dedicated volunteers that are willing to stay on and work with other folks, but they have been holding up their area for a long time and just need more support and they want to work with other folks within their community to accomplishment all these great things,” adds Howe. “We’re just looking to expand upon their volunteer spirit.” 

The East Side Community Association is one of four of its kind, joined by the Moose Jaw North West Community Association, South Hill Community Association, and Sunningdale VLA Community Association.  

All four of these associations work closely with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department to work on projects and run programs for the community in which people live in.

“They’re really an intricate part of the work that happens in Parks and Recreation. All the community associations are volunteer-based, and you’ll see all sorts of good work that the community associations do within their areas.” 

With the help of the City of Moose Jaw and the Co-op Community Spaces Program, the East Side Community Association was able to open up the community spray park in 2019.  

The park includes a large variety of entertaining water structures and activities.  

For those wondering about the time commitment that would be required if they were to join, it’s not a lot says Howe.  

“A couple of meetings a year, maybe one each quarter. We also have other ways for people to be involved through projects or events that happen.  

Those that are looking to join the community association or want to learn more about the open house can phone Howe at 306-694-4483 or email her at