Keith Hall and his harvest crew from Mortlach are Grain Rush winners!

Free food to the field is back!  800 CHAB, along with Parish & Heimbecker and KFC, are proud to present the Grain Rush!  Enter your harvest crew for a chance at a free KFC meal delivered right to the field.  Plus, you'll have a chance at our Grain Rush grand prize: 4 bags of Canterra 1970 hybrod canola seed.  To enter, stop by one of these heartland locations:



  1. Parish & Heimbecker, C-Jay Trailers, Culligan Water, and Hawks Agro in Central Butte

  1. Nelson Motors and Equipment in Avonlea, Allwynn Steel, Blue Hills Processors in Avonlea, and Smith Seeds in Limerick

        3. Young's Equipment, Simpson Seeds, and Karst Holdings, your Integra Tire Dealer in Assiniboia