Gaga Ball is all the rage with kids these days. 

A variant of Dodgeball, gaga is played in a fenced pit, typically shaped like an octagon or hexagon. A “Battle Royale” format, players must hit the ball and aim for other players. If you are hit at or below the knee, you are eliminated. 

Cornerstone Christian School is one of many local schools where gaga ball is the most popular recess activity.  

Principle Lee Berhns was part of the team that helped build the gaga pit during the Easter break. He says the winner of each round gets a lot of bragging rights! 

“Each grade gets their own time at noon hour, and then Recess is kind of a free-for-all. It allows all the kids to get an opportunity to get in there. We’ve seen lots of phys. ed. classes sneak out there, the kids will convince the teacher ‘let’s go out there today’ especially with some of these nice days the last couple weeks.” 

Mix 103 Morning Show Host Calum McAnally had the opportunity to play Gaga ball with some of the students at Cornerstone. His strategy of “blending in” was somewhat successful, finally being eliminated in the late game.