Premier Scott Moe was in Moose Jaw Thursday night, speaking to approximately 375 Saskatchewan Party supporters at the Premier's Dinner held at the Heritage Inn.

The 40-minute speech covered a wide range of topics.

Among those was the fact that Saskatchewan recently welcomed its third flight of Ukrainian refugees, bringing the total number that have sought refuge in the province to about 2,500.

He mentioned that many have settled right here in Moose Jaw.

"Thank you to everyone in this room and to everyone in this community for the role that you are playing in hosting them in our communities, in our province and often in our homes. You've most certainly...have done Saskatchewan proud."

Moe also talked about Saskatchewan's record population growth, noting the province is on track to reach its target of 1.2 million people this year.

"People are coming to our province. They're coming to the community of Moose Jaw. They're coming to the community of Regina and every other community in Saskatchewan because there is opportunity here. This year, Saskatchewan is expected to grow faster than any other province in the nation of Canada, and we can be so proud of this."

He said Saskatchewan is on track to reach its next target of 1.4 million people by the year 2030.

Moe noted growth is going to continue because of what's happening in our economy today.

"The potash industry is so important to the community of Moose Jaw and the surrounding area. It's expanding once again, as we've seen here over the course of the last decade. Earlier this year we saw Nutrien, they announced they were going to increase their production to 15 million tonnes starting in 2022, moving towards 18 million tonnes by the year 2025. That investment, 350 jobs. K + S, very close to the community of Moose Jaw, boosting their production 70 jobs. Mosaic expanding their production and just east of Saskatoon, we see BHP fast-tracking the construction of their Jansen Mine, not only building it, fast tracking that $12.5 billion project."

Growth in the oil industry was also brought up by the premier.

"Production is moving back actually to where we were in pre-pandemic levels and we think the industry is going to continue to grow because the world is going to need more oil for many years to come, for decades to come and that's good news for companies like Gibson Energy, for example, based in Moose Jaw."

Additionally, Moe commented on the investments the government is making in the education sector.

"We had about $65 million added to our education budget this year and we're continuing to ensure that there are enough teachers, there are enough educational assistants, there are enough supports for our next generation, for our children, in those classrooms. We're still building schools, 15 this year are under construction across the province, and that includes one right here in the community of Moose Jaw."

Moe concluded his speech with the following statement:

"When you see what's happening in other areas of the world. When you consider the challenges that are facing so many nations with respect to energy security, with respect to food security, you have to ask yourself this. Where else would you rather be than right here, right now?"

2022 Premier's Dinner Approximately 375 people attended the Premier's Dinner Thursday night at the Heritage Inn in Moose Jaw