The team behind the Saskatchewan-made series, SIN3056843, ran an Indiegogo campaign through March 28, 2024, to raise funds for post-production and marketing costs.  

Dustan Hlady, writer, director, and producer for the series, said the show is a psychological thriller with horror elements centered around a fictional documentary filmmaker from Moose Jaw. “She gets really obsessed with this experimental film from the late 70s called SIN3056843.” 

“She decides that she’s going to be the one to crack the code on what this film is about, and she travels to Los Angeles to try and meet the director and get some answers. Along the way, she finds that, perhaps, this film that she’s obsessed with has some paranormal elements to it, and perhaps her own existence is called into question.” 

In total, between both Indiegogo donations and outside donations, they made $8,043.63. 

“What that means is we’ve made enough to finish the project. We have enough to pay our colour grader, our VFX artist, our post-sound people, and the person we had doing score.” 

Hlady said that the project should be completed by the end of the month, and it could be between six months and a year before the series is available on streaming.  

They did not make enough to cover the distribution and marketing costs that come with streaming the show. “I don’t think we’re going to have difficulty with getting on a streaming platform. We’ve made some really good connections with previous successes. But we essentially have to do our own marketing.” 

“Once it’s on streaming, then there’s going to be a one-year long marketing campaign where we try and get eyeballs on the show and to gain some momentum.” 

Those still interested in funding the project can contact Dustan Hlady on social media. He said he is willing to honour the perks listed on the closed Indiegogo campaign.