Have you ever heard of Barbie Car Racing? 

You take an old plastic toy car, take the motor out, and ride it down the hill. Not only is it fun to take part in, but entertaining for spectators as the journey from the top to the bottom of the hill is rarely smooth.

The chaotic races will return to Ardill, SK during the 8th Annual Justinsane Barbie Car Classic on May 18. 

Along with the races, the event will have breakfast, food trucks, a beer garden and the calcutta. 

The event is in memory of the late Justin Kowalski and raises money for the community of Mossbank. 

Steve Kowalski is president of the Justinsane Barbie Car Club. He joined Calum McAnally on the Mix 103 Morning Show to talk about the races, the projects they’ve supported, and everything else you need to know about the Barbie Car Classic! Have a listen below. 

Justinsane poster