The one-of-a-kind duo The Reklaws will be making their American television debut on American's Got Talent tonight.

Siblings Jenna and Stuart Walker spoke with Country 100's Courtney Fielder about the opportunity.

"We had a song put out about two years ago that we felt didn't have the amount of exposure and love and expected to have a bigger journey than it did," said Stuart Walker.

"We chose this song to play on America's Got Talent because it just seemed like the right time and we're excited to see what the world thinks of it," he added.

Which song the group will be performing tonight is a closely guarded secret.

"It's pretty secret for tonight," said Jenna Walker. "We're just hoping people tune in and support, regardless of how everything ends up going."

"It's the biggest stage in the world and to get in front of those judges was crazy. Simon Cowell, we've been watching him since we were so young and to be able to sing in front of him was crazy, to say the least," noted Jenna.

America's Got Talent airs tonight (June 11) on CityTv at 8/7c.

You can hear Courtney Fielder's conversation with Jenna and Stuart Walker below.