Moose Jaw was met with a big snowfall and winds blowing up to 67km/h last weekend. 

Brady Nelson, a local farmer based out of Mortlach, thought the snowfall could have been better. 

"[The snowfall] was okay, but there was a lot of wind. A lot of [the snow] blew into the tree lines, ditches, and yards."

Nelson compared this latest snowfall with the one that came in October.

"The snowfall we had last October was a lot better," commented Nelson. "It was heavy and wet, and it settled down nicely before the ground froze."

Nelson says the snowfall will be somewhat helpful, as it will fill dugouts for ranchers and improve soil quality in low land spots. However, he said it would be really nice to see more snow or rainfall before seeding rolls around. 

"The last two years have been drier than normal," Nelson said. "There's been some timely rains that have helped with the crops not being devastated. But on average, it's been too dry."

Nelson also mentioned that the southern and western regions of his farm require more moisture because the soil is lighter and sand-based. Nelson's land up by Tuxford fares better because the heavy clay is better at holding moisture. 

"Between now and seeding, I hope we see a couple inches of rain or a heavy, wet snow." Nelson remarked. "There just isn't much reserve moisture left."

Nelson commented that as long as more snow and rainfall comes before April, and rains are timely through the year, the crops should turn out well.