A man who shot a pellet gun in downtown Moose Jaw received jail time and two years of probation after taking a plea deal in Moose Jaw Provincial Court on Monday. 

Logan Ferguson pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of assault with a weapon as well as three breaches of a release order. He received six months in jail and two years of probation. Ferguson spent 109 actual days in custody before sentencing and was given enhanced credit for 164 days, meaning he only had 16 days left to serve. 

Moose Jaw Police Service received a call at around 3:35 p.m. on Oct. 30 on an altercation between Ferguson and the victim, Timothy Hadwen, on the 100 block of Main Street North. According to Crown prosecutor Rob Parker, it was at this point Ferguson began shooting the pellet gun at Hadwen.  

Parker said Ferguson fan off with Hadwen in pursuit as the altercation ended up in Casino Moose Jaw and Ferguson continued to brandish and fire the pellet gun at Hadwen. 

Hadwen was hit multiple times were pellets and, according to Parker, pellets needed to be removed from his face. 

On Nov. 17, Ferguson attended the police station and had a large kitchen knife in his possession and appeared intoxicated, a breach of his release conditions. 

Then on May 24, Ferguson once again showed up to the police station saying he could no longer stay at the residence he was living at. He admitted to having THC in his system and a THC pen was found in his possession, another breach of a release condition. 

Parker said Ferguson had no adult criminal record and one youth conviction. 

Ferguson was represented by lawyer Andrew Hitchcock. He said Ferguson struggles with his mental health and the breaches that took place at the police station happened because his medication didn’t work or stopped working and he was turning himself in. 

Hitchock said Ferguson needs supervision to make sure he is getting treatment for his mental health issues, which is covered in the two years of probation. He added that Ferguson likely would not have committed the crimes if he received treatment and would not be a risk if he had received treatment. 

Judge David Chow said he had no problem following the joint submission between the Crown and the defence.