It's Meat My Dad presented by Hub Meats and Mix 103! Your chance to win some fantastic prizes for Father's Day.

Our next winner on Mix 103 is Matt Heatherington, nominated by his kids, Brynn and Hayes. We phoned Matt while he was out on the golf course to let him know he won! Have a listen below.

"Our Dad has a great sense of humour and is always telling jokes. He is always relating/singing songs to things that are currently happening or something someone has said. He loves to play golf and take us with him as well as have fun game nights. Our dad works very hard, he teaches at Sask Polytech, has a landscaping business and a golf podcast! We love our dad and we hope he wins because he deserves this the most, to relax and eat some good food!"

Send us a photo of your dad and tell us why he's the best for your chance to win some prizes by clicking here.