Dana Haukaas, executive director of the Moose Jaw Humane Society (MJHS), says that 2023 was a successful year at the shelter. 

“We are very blessed to live in a community that really loves animals and cares about their welfare. We’ve had great support financially from our community, as well as those people stepping up to provide homes for the animals.” 

2023 was successful in terms of adoptions, with many animals finding their forever homes. “We did 537 adoptions in 2023, and that number does not include any animals that were reclaimed by their owners – we've helped well over 1000 animals this year.” 

December 2023 saw the adoptions of 18 cats, 15 dogs, and one rabbit.  

Haukaas was asked about some of her highlights at the shelter in 2023. “We just adopted a boy out named George, who had been adopted and just wasn’t quite the right fit for the family, so he was looking for his second chance at happily ever after, and he found it with a lovely family.” 

“Another dog named Gina, who was just a little bit shy when she first met people, but she sat here for 4 months waiting for her forever home, and somebody heard a story on a radio station about her and reached out to us, and she is living her best life with them.” 

“It’s those pets that stay a little bit longer, that we get more attached to them, and we’re a little extra happy when they find their forever families.” 

The year also saw Hunter the dog save a local puppy’s life with a blood transfusion after it had eaten something poisonous. 

The Moose Jaw Humane Society has a bookstore in the shelter that is open when they are open, and they also have books, games, and puzzles available in local businesses, including The Wandering Market, Monkey Bars, The Starlight Handmade Market, Tourism Moose Jaw and Spike Grooming, with the funds going back to the MJHS. In total, the bookstore raised over $25,000 last year.  

“Which is pretty amazing, when you consider that every item in there is $2.50 or less.” 

The organization will continue to find homes for animals in Moose Jaw in 2024. They also plan to hold a 50/50 fundraiser, a lottery in the spring, and their annual Paws for Pledges Radiothon. The Paws for Pledges Radiothon has raised over $1 million since it started 11 years ago.  

They would like people to know that they regularly update their Facebook Page, Instagram, and Website to let the community know what is happening, and what pets are available for adoption.  

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