Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

That ambulance ride to the hospital is going to cost a bit more after some changes by the provincial government.

Guidelines for ambulance providers were changed on Saturday to allow all ambulance fees to be increased.

But as Moose Jaw and District EMS General Manager Ron Dufresne explains, most of us will barely feel the bump in price due to medical programs. "A high number of the people in the 5 Hills Health Region carry medical insurance, I believe it’s in excess of 90 percent."

Basic ambulance fees went from 275 per call to 300 dollars something that hasn't changed in a few year according to Dufresne. "We haven't had an increase to our basic fees for about 4 years but there have been significant increase in operating expenses like labour and gas prices are a factor. With the number of vehicles we have rolling around they certainly burn a lot of fuel."