The Moose Jaw MultiPlex Builders are preparing to meet with the new City Council as they work towards federal and provincial funding for a new sports facility.


The MultiPlex Builders are now putting the spurs to their plan for a new sports facility in Moose Jaw thanks to the over whelming support showed in last weeks Civic Election.

71 per cent of the votes were in favour of the city's 15 million-dollar commitment to the project. Builder's Co-Chair Dr. Paul Beesley tells us what the group is doing now that they have the majority of Moose Jaw behind them. "We're getting the brief together now for the federal government... we're hoping to meet next Thursday to review how it looks and then present it to City Council for the 20th I think is the time line we are looking at right now."

From there Beesley hopes to send an information package to the federal government by the end of the month.

You may remember we brought you a story about the Saskatchewan Speech from the Throne and a new program announced by the NDP specifically designed for cultural buildings and facilities.

Beesley says they’re already looking into the new program. "That's certainly good news! I think as this evolves we'll be checking with them to see how this all fits together."

The time to act is now as the Western Hockey League has stated that they want some dates regarding the project early next year. If they don't receive some specific plans the future of the Moose Jaw Warriors will be discussed at the first League meeting of the year.

That gives the city two months to get something together.