“I wanted to be a realtor for a long time, but never saw it as a potential career!” 

Stephanie Hansen is the newest realtor with Century 21 Insight Realty.  

“I had gone to university, and I thought that I had to do something with my degree,” Hansen admits. “You don’t have to you can make different choices later on in life. So I completed the education component of real estate here in Saskatchewan, and here we are!” 

Recently licensed on June 1, 2023, Hansen began her career as a realtor by shadowing a colleague.  

"There was no pressure- no phone calls or scheduling or those kind of details,” Hansen shares. “But I got to go view houses and talk with buyers, learning how that relationship works. I viewed houses before they hit the market, things like that. A little taste of how it works without all the busyness.” 

Hansen chose to begin her career with Century 21 Insight Realty, stating connections with their team, a longstanding desire to run her own business, and appreciation for their management style as her primary reasons.  

“I’ve worked with some of the realtors that work there currently,” she says. “It’s an interesting office- some of us are based in Moose Jaw, others in Assiniboia. There’s great support staff, and a great broker- she really lets us build our own business, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. She doesn’t place a lot of restrictions, other than in terms of bylaws and regulations that go along with being a realtor anywhere, of course. Century 21 just seemed like a good fit.” 

Looking forward, Hansen wants her work style to be one of no pressure.

“One of the biggest comments I’ve received from clients so far is that that they’re not pressured to make decisions with me,” Hansen acknowledges. “If they want to take it slower, look more casually, I’m not going to pressure them.” 

Hansen credits her calm, low-stress attitude to being so new to the industry.  

“It’s great, I’m just as eager as they are to view the homes that are available.” She continues. “But I also like being able to really be honest in my work. I know every realtor likes to tote honesty, but like, I’m not into taking shortcuts. I want to do things by the book. That’s another great part about me being new, too- I’m learning everything right now, and I know I’m doing everything correctly.”  

Whether downsizing, welcoming a new addition to your family, moving grandparents in, or any of the multitude of reasons you’d need a realtor, Hansen understands that buying or selling a home is a big life moment.  

“It’s really special to me to be a part of this,” Hansen shares, “and to make transitions as smooth as possible.” 

If you’d like to chat with Stephanie Hansen about your homebuying dreams and deliberations, you can find her at Sidewalk Days from July 6th to 9th in Moose Jaw. She is also on Facebook and Instagram, or call/text 306-450-0986. Her email is