It's a new book about "the power of families, their beautiful but unending work, and the special connection between family members who share a space."

And, just in time for the winter break for Saskatchewan children in school, author Lori Sugarman-Li is sharing her book with us.

It's an invitation to "follow a diverse cast of families as they discover all it takes to make their homes welcoming and cared-for places. From making their bed to helping in the kitchen, readers will realize how much they contribute and the value of all family members sharing this beautiful work."

Yes, Sugarman-Li is helping parents make chores around the house a pleasure for their kids. 

She shared some of her tricks and a whole lot more about her new book when we talked to her earlier this month.

You can listen to our visit on this page and you can find the book HERE

Author Lori Sugarman-LiAuthor Lori Sugarman-Li