Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 September 18– 2022 September 19

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 48


0713 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was arrested on outstanding warrants

0743 hours- Lost Property-Reported for information purposes

0809 hours- Property Found- To be exhibited

0830 hours- Licence Suspension- An individual was charged with breach, 3day licence suspension and 3 day impound.

0905 hours- Dispute-Individual was given options about her situation

0908 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject left without incident

0941 hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Subject was taken to hospital by EMS

1118 hours- Trespass- Individual was causing a disturbance and was asked to leave

1122 hours- Fraud- Complainant was given contact information to help in the matter

1301 hours- Traffic Obstruction- Complainant advised owner was aware and would have vehicle moved

1313 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Subject was in ditch picking bottles

1336 hours- Dispute-Between two individuals, Situation mediated

1433 hours- Possess Stolen Property- Subject to be charged with possession of stolen property

1529 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was mistaken by yellow strip on road and was corrected

1609 hours- MVA Injury- Vehicle vs Motorcycle, Minor injuries and approximately $10,000 in damages

1638 hours- Dog Barking- Spoke to owner and there are no concerns

1641 hours- Dispute Between Neighbors- One individual was warned for uttering threats. Situation mediated

1712 hours- Suspicious Person- Subject was resting and not impaired. They were sent on their way

1720 hours- Assist Ambulance- Subject was taken to hospital for care and a plan

1735 hours- Dispute- Between two parties, Situation mediated.

1853 hours- Intoxicated Person- Subject was taken to a shelter for the night

1935 hours- Unwanted Guest- Dispute between two individuals. Separated for the night

1951 hours- Dispute-Verbal argument between two individuals. Situation mediated

2012 hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Complainant was concerned about a family member but they were fine

2036 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was taken to hospital and admitted

2150 hours- Break and Enter- Damage to door, Entry not gained to residence. Still under investigation to identify suspect

2342 hours- Unwanted Guest- Two individuals not allowed on property. One was sent on their way and the other individual was arrested for trespassing.

0103 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Two individuals were arguing over dog and the dog was barking. All is fine.

0116 hours- Intoxicated Person- Individual arrested and released when sober

911 Calls – 9

Warrants Executed – 3

Alarm Calls – 1