February 26 – February 27, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 43 calls for service.

7:45 am – 0 block Edelweiss – Vehicle Entries – Several vehicles were entered and small items were taken – The public is reminded to ensure their vehicles are locked when unattended.

8:41 am – 400 block Lillooet St W – Fraud – NSF checks were passed, and police are investigating for possible charges.

8:57 am – 900 block Ross St E – Noise Bylaw – A loud stereo was playing, and the owner was warned.

12:37 pm – 1200 block Henleaze Av – Dispute – A property dispute occurred, and police gave advice on how to resolve it.

2:03 pm – 1000 block 2nd Av NW – Dispute – A property and rental dispute occurred.  The subjects were advised of the proper channels to use.

2:14 pm – 0 block Oxford St W – Parking Bylaw – A vehicle broke down, and the owner was advised and will get it moved.

3:04 pm – 300 block Hochelaga St W – Assault – The victim is considering their options, and this is still under investigation.

3:13 pm – 0 block Thatcher Dr E – Shoplifting – An adult was charged with theft under $5000.

3:23 pm – 1100 block Simpson Av – Parking Bylaw – Vehicles are constantly blocking driveways in the area.  The owners were warned.

3:31 pm – 100 block Fairford St W – Assault – Adults were pushing and shoving, and a victim is to consider their options.

5:40 pm – 0 block Thatcher Dr E – Shoplifting – Two youth were involved and the property was recovered. Police are still investigating.

6:00 pm – 0 block Thatcher Dr E – Theft – Internal theft occurred and statements were taken. Police are still investigating.

7:37 pm – 0 block Buttercup Cr – Parking Bylaw – A vehicle was blocking a driveway.  The owner was contacted and was out of town.  The complainant advised it can stay until the owner returns.

8:45 pm – 900 block Bradley St – Well Being Check – An adult made a call and seemed very confused.  Police checked on the subject, who advised that they had been napping and woke up still dreaming.  No cause for alarm.

8:55 pm – 700 block 1st Av NE – Well Being Check – An adult had not been seen lately and was missing appointments.  All was okay; they are having phone troubles.

9:36 pm – 0 block Manitoba St E – Breach Court Order – An adult was reportedly drinking contrary to a court order.  The subject was not located.

Police assisted other agencies in four cases.
Police responded to two alarm calls.