The Moose Jaw Police Service has seen a rise in crimes across the board according to the latest statistical extract for the month of April.  

However, the police continue to see that a lot of the crimes being committed are by a small number of people.  

For instance, the police saw seven assaults on police officers year-to-date compared to two during the same time period last year. Three of this year’s assaults stemmed from a single situation involving a difficult prisoner.  

“That's pretty consistent around the world, certainly here and in other places. We heard about the assault on police officers situation. That was one person responsible for half of our incidents. That is fairly normal that not a lot of people were involved,” said Chief Rick Bourassa.  

The police also saw a sharp jump in thefts over $5,000. Year-to-date there have been 13 thefts compared to five last year, for an increase of about 160 per cent.  

Bourassa said, while there are other factors, inflation actually plays a role in theft statistics as items become more valuable.  

“There are a lot of items that are worth $5,000 that are fairly easy to remove. Whereas, a few years ago, it wasn't that easy,” Bourassa said.  

Break and enters for sheds and outbuildings were up 127.3 per cent from 11 last year to 25 this year.  

In total, crimes against the person were up 28 from last year or 17.6 per cent and crimes against property were up by 68 from last year or 13.2 per cent. Calls for service continue to go up. The police received over 600 more calls compared to last year for an 11.5 per cent increase.  

Drug offences were up 36.4 per cent, including a 233.3 per cent increase in other Controlled Drug and Substance Act drug offences, including fentanyl. Police say the increase is largely enforcement driven.