800 CHAB and the Moose Jaw Health Foundation have teamed up to make the Union Hospital more comfortable for families.



You'll want to remember that phone number. One call and you could help make life for parents and sick kids at the Union Hospital that much better.

800 CHAB and the Moose Jaw Health Foundation are asking for your help to fund a new "Family First Care Room" at the Moose Jaw Union Hospital. The first ever Family First Radiothon is underway at the Town n' Country Mall and runs until Friday at 6pm.

Funds raised will go towards state of the art medical equipment as well as a sleeper chair for parents. Chair of the Five Hills Health Region Dale Toni says having a sick child in the hospital can be tough for parents who often want to be with their kids at all times. "There's really no appropriate place for them to set up at this point to be able to put their feet up and have a nap or even a quiet spot for them to sit. There just isn't anything really comfortable and this should solve that."

Local celebrities, community leaders, volunteers, and families will be taking part in the Radiothon being held at the mall. You can drop by and make a donation or issue a challenge to other people in the area. Run a restaurant? Why not challenge other restauranteurs?