Residents have been inquiring about the removal of playground structures and the outdoor rink in the area near the Westheath joint-use school construction site. 

The need to bring in large volumes of equipment and materials as well as the installation of sewer and water connections necessitated the removal of the structures. The area occupied by the structures is slated for conversion into residential lots. 

The decision to do so was made in 2021 during the adoption of the Westheath Development Plan, which encompasses the area surrounding the construction site for the new joint-use school. 

“The contractors that are working on the servicing and roads that are going in this summer require access now to that site to get the servicing put in, which means we’ve got to take down the playground and outdoor rink temporarily until we’re able to relocate to the new school site.” said Derek Blais, Director of Parks and Recreation. 

The play structure in question was scheduled for replacement within the next five years and will be decommissioned accordingly.  

“We are working with some of our key user groups and looking at some other locations to see if there’s possibilities to salvage some of it and reuse,” said Blais. 

The structure will be placed into storage until a plan to reuse portions of it is put in place. 

The site of the Westheath joint-use school will contain the two new playgrounds that will replace the ones that have been removed. 

“We are working closely with the school divisions on allocating an area within their property to put a new outdoor rink up,” said Blais. 

“They’re beginning the design process of what that would look like, and so that will be an exciting new recreation amenity for that area.” 

Steps are being taken during the design stage to make the future outdoor rink facility usable throughout the year. 

“We’re looking at opportunities to make it more of a year-round facility, with a concrete base and basketball nets.” said Blais. 

Constructing the facility with a concrete base and basketball nets is being considered, as is the addition of a warm-up shack for when the space is used during winter. 

While construction is underway the City of Moose Jaw is asking residents to exercise caution while near the site. 

Those looking for more information on the replacement/relocation of the playground structure or outdoor rink, can contact the Parks and Recreation Department at City