A Saskatchewan-made series is looking for help to fund post-production, distribution, and marketing costs.  

The 19-episode series, called SIN3056843, was shot at several locations in Saskatchewan according to writer, director, and producer Dustan Hlady. “The series follows a documentary filmmaker from Moose Jaw, who’s obsessed with this late-70s experimental film called SIN3056843.” 

“There’s all this speculation behind it, and so she decides she’s going to make a documentary and try and get to the bottom of what this weird film is all about.” 

Dustan Hlady and crew(Photo: Dustan Hlady)

Hlady said they are looking for help with postproduction costs including the score, post-sound, colour grading, and VFX. They are also looking for funds to assist with the distribution and marketing costs of the finished project.  

“If we don’t make that much, or we make less, we are still going to finish everything and everything is going to be done. But we might have to make sacrifices with the quality of the product, or we might not be able to market it as much as we want to,” said Hlady. 

They are shopping the series around the film festivals and are also seeking distribution on different platforms. Hlady says they’re currently in talks with CBC Gem and have been made an offer to run on Amazon Prime and Tubi pending a post-production quality approval. 

In total, the team is seeking $25,300, and is fundraising on Indiegogo until March 28th. You can find the link to their Indiegogo campaign here. You’ll find potential perks ranging from a TikTok shoutout to credit as an executive producer.  

See the finished Pilot episode below.