Hunting season got underway last week, which means a lot of hunters within the Moose Jaw area and around the province will be out in the wilderness either on foot or by use of ATV.  

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) along with the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA) is asking hunters to “Stay on Track” this season and take extra precautions in high-risk areas to protect the wildlife and grasslands from wildfires.  

With temperatures expected to keep rising in the coming days and somewhat dry conditions in parts of the province, a spark from an ATV, vehicle, or cigarette could turn into an uncontrollable wildfire.  

SWF Executive Director, Darrell Crabbe explains how hunters can be prepared this season. 

“We always want to tell people to respect the rights of land owners and gain permission to get on the property, make sure they keep their vehicles on existing roadways and always carry a fire extinguisher to have that little bit of precaution in there,” says Crabbe.  

Crabbe adds that the vast majority of hunters take every step to ensure that they leave nothing but footprints behind.  

According to the Wildfire Act, anyone who starts a wildfire could be subject to paying a fine, jail time, and pick up the bill for costs incurred in extinguishing the fire. People may also have to pay the Crown for any property damaged or the cost of rehabilitating the burnt area.  

For some Wildlife Management Zones, Crabbe notes the early Elk hunting season began back on August 25. Starting on Thursday, bow hunting season will begin for a variety of species. 

For more information on rules and regulations and the 2022-2023 Hunting and Trapping Guide click HERE.