The Moose Jaw Property Assessment Watchdog is hosting two open house fundraising banquets this week to raise funds and awareness about huge property tax increases that have been 'crushing' small businesses.

Bernie Dombowsky, the organizer of the Moose Jaw Property Assessment Watchdog says the problem with the assessments began in 2021.

"Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) created a new model with multiple cap rates for different types of businesses. It seems like the businesses that were hit the hardest in the COVID lockdowns are hit the hardest with this new model. Hairdressers, retail shops, those types of businesses their property assessment went way up, and then other businesses went way down," said Dombowsky noting that some businesses are paying 96 per cent of their market rent in property tax.

The Moose Jaw Property Assessment Watchdog's open house fundraising banquets are taking place today (November 29, 2022) and tomorrow (November 30, 22) at the Comso Centre - 235 3rd Ave N.E. The banquets are being hosted by Charlotte's Catering with tickets costing $25.

While at the event, residents will hear from local business owners about their struggles and see exactly how the assessments are affecting small business in Moose Jaw.

"Any retailer that is under 2800 square feet their assessment is almost double that of a retailer that's over 2800 square feet. In my case, if I added 900 square feet to my building, my property tax would be almost cut in half", added Dombowsky.

You can find more information about the Moose Jaw Property Assessment Watchdog by clicking HERE.

Hear Bernie Dombowsky's conversation with Discover Moose Jaw dot com below.