With funnel cloud alerts issued throughout the province, it's been an early start to the season for storm chasers. 

While the alerts were issued, Jenny Hagan, a storm chaser in the Kindersley area, said she didn’t hear of any touch downs. That being said, she’s seen a lot of active weather in the last couple of months. 

“We’ve seen some heavy hailstorms in around Marengo at the end of April. We saw some tornado warning that have moved through here in May, so it’s a very early start to our storm season. It’s kind of indicating that we might have a little bit more of an active track,” Hagan said. 

Hagan said weather patterns tend to change so it is hard to make predictions for the upcoming storm season. However, with the early start to the season and moisture starting to pool in, more active weather could be on the way. 

That is a far cry from last year. Hagan said there was only one tornado touch down in the province and a record low number of lightning strikes. 

Along with tornadoes, Hagan said she also keeps a close eye on plough winds that can also cause a lot of damage. 

‘Those are actually really dangerous systems as well. They can pick up grain bins, they can rip roofs off buildings, so there’s a lot of shrapnel that can be thrown in those,” she said. 

Hagan is reminding residents that “when the thunder roars go indoors” as severe thunderstorm systems can be very dangerous.  

In particular, she said lightning strikes can be very unpredictable and large hail can cause more than just damage to property. 

“You’ve got to be careful to watch out for these severe storms because large hail can seriously injury a person and give concussions even if it’s large enough,” Hagan said. 

You can track Hagan’s storm chasing ventures across all social media platforms by searching @LostInSk.