Rob: OK, we've got an update there now. Free yard waste weekend coming up from Moose Jaw residents. There are some rules to be followed. Let's go over those. 

Maryse: And it's an annual event. We have a free yard waste weekend and I have to note, it's for organic matter. So anything that you would have in your yard, whether it's a grass branches portion of it, that's really the portion that's free, if you have a normal load with maybe old furniture or something else, then there's a fee. Is the standard fee on this one. 

Rob: OK, very good. Bags come into play here too. We've got to be able to see what's in the bags. 

Maryse: Exactly. We know it's a very popular weekend at the at the landfill and there's long lines. So in order to expedite the lines, if we can make sure that that we have clear bags so that we see that our employees see quickly and they're able to direct you in the right location. 

Rob: And in fact, there will be a designated yard. Waste zone, right? 

Maryse: That's correct. That's correct. Especially for the weekend. And the other important fact I want to add is that, there's a bylaw of the city that you have to tarp any loads that you have going to the to the landfill and that's really an important we are doing the campaign. It's about respecting the environment, respecting the fellow residents. We don't want any debris or waste flying from either your pickup truck or the trailer. So make sure you trap your load, otherwise you may get a fine. 

Rob: Yeah, I've taken issue with that in the past. When you got a couch and a chair and and solid stuff, that's not going to come out of your truck, but you still need a tarp. So for loads like that, we. We still need the TARP.  

Maryse: You still need the tarp. That's correct. 

Rob: OK. I'll go along with it. 

Maryse: I’ll try not to follow you this weekend. 

Rob: How is that enforced, by the way? 

Maryse: So it's enforced by the Moose Jaw Police Service, and then we also, I mean our employees at the landfill are issuing a pamphlet reminding everyone, especially right now, we are, of course, we understand that for some people perhaps they didn't know about it, although we have good signage on Main Street right now and we're doing communication campaign, but ultimately Moose Jaw Police Service can issue fine. 

Rob: OK, very good. Free yard waste weekend coming up this weekend, Saturday through Monday. It's free from Moose Jaw residents to drop off organic yard waste. So grass clippings, leaves and small branches at the landfill. And again, you can transport your organic yard waste and trailers behind their light vehicles. However, dual axle and commercial trucks are not eligible for the fee waiver and landfill opens 7:00 AM till 8:00 PM daily.