Rob: Ice issues at the Moose Jaw Event Center. City Manager Maryse Carmichael alarming last night during game three of the Western Hockey League championship final. The ice got pretty slushy and pretty wet. It was 24 hours after we covered the ice for a Foreigner Concert. So there were some issues. City of Moose Jaw, Moose Jaw Event Center on it today. 

Maryse: Absolutely right from last night when it happened, we had the Event Center team as well as WHL looking at it and you know I have to say I was at the game last night and we had a team on fire. We had fans on fire, so obviously the ice melted. But in all seriousness, it was really what we're looking at now. We left the plant running all night long to ensure we have a really, really cold ice surface, we're in in discussion as well with WHL to see if we do the entertainment between periods, so that this way we could leave more time for the ice to be harder and just having the temperature in the building lower. So we're looking at all of this. All in all, it was such a fantastic game last night with team that was literally on fire. 

Rob: So proactive like, right, right off the hop. Like last night, you started working on this.? 

Maryse: We were texting back and forth right away last night, and I know that the team was the team has been hard at work. We had Foreigner in the building less than 24 hours before, sold out concert, just reconfigured and now we're with hockey. So yes, lots of work on going there.