The City of Moose Jaw Smart Water Meter replacement project is now 75 percent completed.

The $6.5-million project was approved in 2020 with the aim of updating and replacing all of the approximately 12,500 old water meters within the city. The first meters were installed in November of 2022. 

“I’m excited about the technology in the new meters and one reason is ... you won’t have to take your meter reading on a regular basis, we will not have anyone coming from the city to read your meter. Everything is done electronically now.” says Moose Jaw City Manager, Maryse Carmichael. 

The smart meters allow consumption to be monitored remotely, a benefit of this is the potential to detect previously unknown leaks via detecting variances from regular consumption. 

Smart meters also streamline the billing process, removing the current system of estimation as readings will be accurate to the date of billing. Ensuring a high degree of accuracy and virtually eliminating faulty readings. 

Visit the City of Moose Jaw's Smart Water Meter webpage for more information on which zones are next for replacement.