Members gather to discuss their vision for a new sports facility in Moose Jaw and what it could do to bring more people to our city.


Members of Tourism Moose Jaw gathered together for a presentation from the Multi-Plex committee last night.

Tourism Moose Jaw members also had the opportunity to voice their opinions.

ChairPerson Yvette Moore believes the Multi-Plex would have a huge impact on the tourism industry. "Any economic development helps tourism and anyone that comes into any community for any event, no matter how far they're from, is a tourist. They fill up the restaurants, they buy gas, they go for groceries, they stay at the hotels and motels, and they just use all of our facilities so I think it would have a huge impact"

Builder’s Co-chair Ray Boughen agreed saying this is another thing that tourists can enjoy while in the city. "I think it'll be a tourism draw because it'll be a facility that's new and different in terms of what's housed in the facility so I think that people will want to come and see it and certainly they'll want to come and see the Warriors play so that'll be a draw in itself."

You can have your say on the multiplex at the next public forum set for September 13th at City Hall.