The City of Moose Jaw is letting residents know that contractors are performing cured-in-place pipe sewer lining work. 

The following locations will be affected as the work got underway on Tuesday: 

  • Caribou St. W. from 5th Ave. NW and Algoma Ave. to 9th Ave. NW  
  • 7th Ave. NW from Caribou St. W to Saskatchewan St. W  
  • 1st Ave. NW from Caribou St. W to mid-block north of Oxford St. W 
  • 2nd Ave. NE from Athabasca St. E to Caribou St. E  
  • Athabasca St. E from 2nd Ave. NE to 3rd Ave. NE  
  • Grandview St. W from 10th Ave. SW to 9th Ave. SW, Main St. S to 1st Ave. SE, 6th Ave. SE to mid-block to the west, and 8th Ave. SW to 9th Ave. SW.  
  • Main St. S from Lillooet St. E to Grandview St. E  
  • Oxford St. E from Willow Ave. to 4th Ave. NE  
  • Wolfe Ave. from Saskatchewan St. E to Hall St. E  
  • 6th Ave. SW from Lillooet St. W to Iroquois St. W  
  • Iroquois St. W from 6th Ave. SW to 5th Ave. SW  
  • Coteau St. W from 10th Ave. SW to 11th Ave. SW  
  • 4th Ave. NE from Stadacona St. E to Athabasca St. E & Fairford St. E to Ominica St. E  
  • Clifton Ave. from MacDonald St. to Oxford St. W 

There will be temporary traffic restrictions in these areas while inspections and lining take place. The project is expected to wrap up by July 31 weather permitting. 

Residents and businesses in the affected areas will be receiving a notice from the city with information on the work being done. The lining work will require the sewer service connection to be sealed off for a period of a few hours. Residents that receive notices are asked to follow the provided water usage limits provided.