The City of Moose Jaw will have some new busses rolling into town this fall as council moves ahead with the purchase of seven new units.


It was an offer to good to refuse so they took advantage of it.

The City of Moose Jaw is getting a new fleet of busses this year thanks to a 1 million-dollar grant from the federal government and 1.6 million from our own coffers.

City Manager Gary McKay tells us the final stages of the purchase are now being worked out. "We're just waiting for the final letter form the provincial government to cross our desk and then we'll place the order by the end of the week. We would anticipate seeing some of the new busses by this fall and the rest probably by the end of the 12 month period."

To add to the savings, Moose Jaw has "piggybacked" a Regina order for new busses bringing the cost down even more. The new fleet will include 5-40 foot busses and 2-30 foot busses.